Our Mission

Simplify your User Experience and gain efficiency.

Communi-T UX works with SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Microsoft and other systems.


Need Help with UX Services?  Our consultants specialize in UX Design & Delivery.

We can help you bring your

User Experience 

to life without breaking the budget.  With over 20 years experience in User Experience design, and hundreds of scenarios implemented, our team will ensure you are successful.



We'll get you started quickly without any hassles or complex hardware.

Check out these common SD, MM and FI canned solutions.  Use them as they are or customize them to your needs.

We have so many processes available, we can't list them all, so just ask us as we've probably built whatever it is you're looking for.  



Dream & Design what you need (or want) easily leveraging your SAP customization.

Your SAP investment is sitting and waiting to be unlocked and used to its full potential.  Our tools get you there now without having to rebuild everything you've already customized or configured again into your UX project.  Let's get started.