Communi-T is an innovative company that is laser focused on creating a User Experience to match the modern world we live in.  In fact, Communi-T staff have been enhancing the SAP User Experience before 'UX' was an accepted industry term.



On the Product side, we have been hard at work for over 10 years crafting creative software that adopts to your SAP business processes without any programing.

That's right - no script, no tags, hashes, special languages - just pure drag and drop functionality.



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In turn, your SAP environment becomes available seamlessly and securely on any platform: i.e. smart phone, tablet and desktop.  Customers using Communi-T can take full advantage of their SAP configuration, customization and investment, while drastically reducing the specialized resources and costs related to modern day integration.  Pure piece of mind that whatever you've done in SAP will automatically be available in your Communi-T interface.


With 20 years experience making SAP more intuitive, we pride ourselves on thoughtful design and ease of use.  Our consultants are SAP certified in various modules and technologies and have a clear understanding of both business and technical requirements across the SAP and non-SAP landscape.