Communi-T is an authorized SAP Software Partner and our tools work natively with the SAP Product Application suite without any programming, Basis Upgrades, or complex architecture. Leverage and improve your SAP processes with a streamlined User Experience (UX) toolset powered by Communi-T to create beautiful and intuitive applications for your end users without programming. 

SAP Partner Communi-T

Prompta and Communi-T are excited to be partnering in the creation and delivery of simplified User Experiences (UX) in combination with proven business transformation solutions. Together, these tools drive increased user adoption, productivity and sustainable business growth.

About Prompta:

Prompta is a leading consulting firm specializing in Business Transformations and Business Integration in the areas of Organizational Change Management (OCM).  Prompta delivers improved business results and provides measurable end-to-end transformational change solutions.

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