Increase Customer Service Satisfaction, Drive Automation & Reduce Costs.

Implement these processes to better serve your customers and increase value to you (and them).


 Quotations & Inquiries

Allow customers to obtain quotes and make inquiries for products and services online.  Convert them to orders and fill your sales pipeline. 



 Sales Order Entry

Anytime you can have a customer placing their own sales orders you are increasing your revenue and reducing your cost of sale.  We have experience in the simple scenarios and the most complex scenarios and are confident we help you to help your customers to help themselves...


 Inventory Availability

Allow customers to inquire on stock (detailed info or simple 'In stock/out of stock).  Even if you don't own the inventory and use 3rd party components, we can secure you more business through this simple transaction.  Enable Customers to get details on products, possible replacements & alternatives and estimated delivery dates.  Link directly to sales orders to close the deal.


 Order Status

Free up your sales and order entry staff to make your company money instead of chasing order statuses and basic order inquiries.  Customers will love the easy to use interface and the peace of mind that they can check their most urgent orders anytime for updates. You'll love the extra money you make on value added sales and service.


 Billing/Account Info

Allow customers to review their bills and account status, send payment info and more.


 Order History

Allow customers to look up their past orders, easily review pertinent information related to the order such as shipping or billing info, and best of all, create new orders from previous orders with a simple click.


 Delivery & Shipment Information

Provide customers with information on shipments and deliveries.  Show tracking numbers, carriers, estimated delivery dates, actual shipment date and any other important information. 

Contact Info

 Customer Information

Save resources by allowing your customers to notify you of address changes, taxation info, updates/additions to customer contacts and more.  

All Communi-T Solutions are available through desktop/laptop, or mobile device.

A single configuration that manages transactions wherever they're used.