Our IoT SDK allows you to connect and interact with any device on any platform

Our connections between devices and ourselves are moving at an incredible pace.  Communi-T provides you with a tool to manage that user experience and to control the information to bring it all together. 

Some highlights of how it actually works.

Scalable, Common, Lightweight Architecture

No special servers to buy, no new skillsets needed.  Proven architecture that is secure and scalable.  Plus, no forced HANA acquisition (although if you already have HANA it works with that too).

Simple Elegant Design

Click and Drag fields to create screens for desktop and mobile all in a single configuration.  Built with responsive design, your work will be available to your colleages whether they're in the office, on their mobile phone or tablet, laptop at home - everywhere.  Thinking about that for a second - Are you sure you'd want to take credit for that?  


Your existing resources will love this tool.  Super Users, Functional Consultants, and ABAPers can create Fiori like applications with just a few clicks that respond to your business needs.