Responsive, simple, intuitive & elegant design - without complex architecture, high priced talent, or Programming.

Our Customers love Communi-T because it allows them to create an intuitive Fiori-like user experience without any programming in minutes that can be used at the office, home or mobile device that works with their SAP systems and their customization immediately.  It allows them to reduce training needs, simplify processes and focus on the right information for the right user at the right time.


Adapts Directly to Your System

You've already spent a lot of time and money setting up your Environment.  Wouldn't it make sense that your UX conforms to it?  Our Solutions work with your Configuration & Customization.  


Get Running Even Faster

With hundreds of solutions across Finance, HR, P2P, Sales, Inventory, Warehousing, Production, and Master Data, we can help you get your company running Stronger, Smarter and Faster.

Let's Get Started

"Communi-T allows us to use SAP anywhere and eliminates all training requirements through its easy to use & intuitive User Experience."

Steve Ramescu, CEO - Axsun Inc.

Some highlights of how it actually works.

Tons of Built in Features

Talk, share, collaborate and make decisions in open channels across your team or in select private groups for sensitive transactions and data.  Use it across SAP Portal, SharePoint, Internet or Intranet.  With its intuitive and easy to use interface, intensive training as it relates to SAP is a thing of the past.

Simple Elegant Design

Click and Drag fields to create screens for desktop and mobile all in a single configuration.  Built with responsive design, your work will be available to your colleages whether they're in the office, on their mobile phone or tablet, laptop at home - everywhere.  Thinking about that for a second - Are you sure you'd want to take credit for that?  


Your existing resources will love this tool.  Super Users, Functional Consultants, and ABAPers can create Fiori like applications with just a few clicks that respond to your business needs.  And should you allow it, users can select the fields they use most, choose it's position and priority right on the screen all while maintaining any business rules you've applied.

Scalable, Common, Lightweight Architecture

No special servers to buy, no new skillsets needed.  Proven architecture that is secure and scalable.  Plus, no forced HANA acquisition (although if you already have HANA it works with that too).

Multiple Security Models Available

Our SAP Certified Product allows you to choose various models for security.  Unlike other tools, you don't need to rebuild your security roles and create additional frameworks that need to be managed.  

Technical Stuff too!

With a built in SDK, you can use the tool to create apps on any platform, integrate with other systems, and make connections to and from SAP a breeze.  

SAP Partner Communi-T

SAP Partner & SAP Certified

Communi-T is an SAP Partner and participates in many SAP events, such as TechED and Sapphire and more.  Our Products are SAP Certified and we are always looking in to ways to collaborate and innovate alongside SAP.   


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Communi-T is a member in Good Standing with ASUG and often sponsors local chapter meetings.  Look for Communi-T at an ASUG event near you.